Fibreglass for Water Treatment Systems

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Uses of Fibreglass for Water Treatment Systems

Fibreglass is consistently the preferred material for use in water treatment systems, water purification, filtration, chlorination of water, shelters in plants, and a wide range of technologies for water treatment. Fibreglass Projects is consistently the preferred partner for developing products with clients to their exacting specifications.

Fibreglass Projects will work with its customers to design, manufacture and supply products to a wide range of client specifications.

Fibreglass for Water Treatment Systems: The Benefits

The benefits of using fibreglass as compared to other materials are:

  • Products can be manufactured offsite;
  • Multiple products can be built using the same mould, reducing costs per product;
  • Fibreglass is non-corrosive; and
  • Fibreglass is easy to clean

Case Study – Water Treatment

Zoeller Pump Co, Inc – Fibreglass projects have teamed up with Zoeller Pump company, Inc to manufacture the fibreglass components of its Clarus Fusion range of Sewage Plants. These plants are designed to treat effluent to meet DWS standards. Once the fibreglass components of the systems are completed, assembly is carried out by Maskam Water, the official distributor of the Clarus Fusion in Africa.

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